Tuesday, July 6, 2010

A Good, Productive Day

We've made a lot of progress already this morning. The garage is starting to look cleared out and we're getting down to the misc. loose stuff. Ugh.

Jeff cleared out weeds this morning and pressure washed the bird cage before we pack up the pressure washer. We're hoping to get this load finished up this evening. We'll probably end up putting some bulky, not stackable stuff in at the end to finish filling it. I'm ready to be done with this POD!

We're taking a break this afternoon for a couple of hours; Jeff is taking a nap and I'm watching a movie. We'll get back to work packing boxes as soon as Jeff gets up. =)

Here's where we're at as of 7PM. We ended up throwing in a bunch of unstackable stuff at the end of the load.

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