Monday, May 13, 2013

Fence Started

Well, we're moving at a turtle's pace, but we've gotten started on the fence. We went off last Friday and bought the wood.
We bought the wood at Custom Cedar Products and I need to rave about their fabulous service. We went in with our drawings and a materials list. After we'd talked to a salesman for a few minutes, the owner, Chris Bilyeu, came through the lobby and started talking to us. He spent probably 40 minutes helping us and offered some great advice about what materials he would use and how he would construct it. (I was not paid or compensated for this opinion; I just wanted to share the good experience we had in case other folks in Portland were looking for fence materials.)
The boards we bought are fuzzy on one side, which I didn't like, so we planed the boards over the weekend. This is the first time we've used our planer. It's a good thing we didn't try and do it inside the garage. That sawdust really flies!
Today, Jeff finished digging the post holes. The walnut tree has some really huge roots in that area. He had to cut one of them—this root was bigger than Jeff's arm.
Now I'm trying to decide if I stain first and install, or if we install it then stain. It rained today on the wood, so it may be the latter.


  1. My dad works with cedar all the time and always stains after install! But it's probably because he's impatient to get started on projects, haha.

  2. Stain after so the stain will get inside any cuts and holes you create on the way. Good luck with the fence construction!

  3. Replies
    1. It's raining. Haven't made any progress since the holes were dug. We need to go buy cement to set the posts.

  4. I agree about Custom Cedar Products-they are great! We had a great experience with them as well and their cedar seems superior to the big box store stuff! Good luck!