Thursday, July 18, 2013

Side Fence Progress

At long last, we got started on the side fence. For perspective, this is our goal for the project.
We hired a friend, Eric, to come out and help us for a day as it would give us the push we needed to get this project rolling along. Even though it was fairly hot outside, working under the shady walnut tree was quite pleasant.
This is the nasty temporary "fence" Jeff cobbled together from old fence parts. We needed some kind of boundary to keep the chickens in the backyard and, hey, this was free since it was made from leftover bits removed during our renovation.
Once the four posts were set in concrete, Jeff and Eric installed the bottom supports.

And once the bottom support posts were in, the construction went very quickly because very little cutting was actually required.
And then they spent a couple hours making and futzing with the little diamonds. They actually ended up changing the size a bit from the original plan; Jeff made them smaller.
We still have to build the gate, but this part of the fence went together faster than I expected. I'm still debating whether to leave it the natural cedar finish, or whether I stain with the white opaque fence stain (the color of the fence it is perpendicular to). I had planned to stain it before the fence was put together but all that rain set us behind schedule and then the photo shoot brought outdoor projects to a halt.


  1. Holy smokes, that is a BEAUTIFUL fence!

    1. Thanks Heather, I'm really excited about it. It's turned out well so far. The gate might be a bit of a challenge. I think we'll have to have Eric come help us again. =)

  2. the fence looks great! Inspiring as we need to replace our entire backyard fence in the next year or so as it is totally rotted out and about to fall over. However, I think we will go for a simpler design as ours if mostly covered by plants