Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Plumbing Replaced

This project has moved really slow as we're pretty distracted and our contractors are pretty booked up. It can be fairly hard to get a contractor out when you're an individual who isn't likely to hire them again. It took about 4 weeks to get the plumber out but he came out and replaced all the plumbing.
Sadly, he had to open up a wall in the living room to get to the plumbing in there.

Once the electrician comes out next week, we're planning to insulate the floor and walls and get a subfloor down. Our tile guy is installing the wall board.

There was a bit of a miscommunication on the cabinetry order, so that may delay the job several more weeks. Honestly, at this rate, I think it could be late Spring before we have an operational bathroom up there again.
Oh, and look what we found in the living room. Mia is officially being evicted except for short visits when we have company. We've now moved her down to the basement family room/gaming lair cage, which is probably better anyway because we spend more time down there.

I'll replace the chewed pieces when I stain wood for the bathroom.

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