Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Cast Iron Tub Extraction

When Jeff and Eric tried to move the cast iron tub from the bathroom into the guest room, it became very clear we would be unable to move this thing ourselves. It is HEAVY. I called around to about 4 different movers before I found one that would move it for a reasonable price. (For the record, Master's Movers.)

The other option, which we seriously considered, was to try and destroy the tub with sledge hammers and carry it out in pieces. However, we did run the risk that it wouldn't actually break apart and then we would still have to hire someone to remove it, only it would be worthless and have to go to the dumps.

The movers did a nice job getting it out of the house. Not one scratch on the woodwork. (We got at least 3 on the woodwork when we moved it down the hall.)
Now I need to post photos on craigslist and hope that someone needs a 1912 cast iron tub.

The electrician has been out and has done the new wiring in the bathroom.

The cabinet order was delayed because the cabinet maker never communicated to me he needed a deposit to get started. I'm not surprised, but I simply didn't recall him mentioning it to me. The cabinet is ordered now and should be ready between mid and late January.
We're waiting on the tile guy to come out and get started on framing out the shower pan and covering the walls. I think, if we can, we will have him lay the floor before the cabinet goes in.

So, we are making very SLOW progress.

Oh, I almost forgot, we're having water leaking into our basement family room. We've had record-breaking volume of rain in Portland and we've had water infiltrating into our basement lately so we're trying to deal with those issues. I didn't take any photos, but we had some interesting views of a huge rug sprawled all over sawhorses with fans and heaters running on it. And now that the basement has leaked twice in the last few weeks, we just rolled up the rug and set it aside until we figure out how to fix the problem.


  1. Leaks....hate them. We have two roof leaks that are because the roofers didn't correctly install shingles around the windows on the second floor. Grrr

    1. Yeah, we have a roof leak on our porte cochiere. Not fun. And we paid a LOT of money for the new roof back in 2011. Sigh. I hate dealing with stuff like this.