Monday, December 28, 2015

Need Tile Installer

Our master bathroom project is crawling along, very slowly. Jeff went and bought thicker insulation for the exterior wall and he'll be putting that up soon.
Otherwise, we're ready for the tile installer to come out and get started but he seems to be M.I.A. I was warned he was a little flaky, but he seems to be especially so this winter. Twice he told us he would come out and start work and then didn't show up and didn't return my emails after the fact. I'm just about ready to cut my losses and find someone new, even if it means we have to reorder tile and I have to push out the cabinet and soapstone install. I really need a tile installer who can either show up when s/he says s/he will, or lets me know they can't make it.

Do any of my portland peeps have a tile installer they can recommend? I am looking for someone who can install with the narrow 1/16" grout. I'm pretty picky about it looking right, or I would just try and do it myself. But, I know I'd never be happy with the job I can do.

As an aside, we are looking for a border collie puppy or young dog. We prefer to adopt them from shelters, but apparently border collie dogs are a hot commodity in the pacific northwest. That is a whole other rant that I probably won't go into. I'll probably end up buying a dog from a breeder, if I can find one.