Sunday, May 1, 2016

Tile Glazing

Today was all about glazing tile. We are still in the process of making the decorative tiles for our bathroom. Georgie's didn't sell thick 2x2 bisque tiles, so we bought 2x6 tiles and cut them down. Because we actually wanted them to be true 2x2, we didn't get 3 tiles from each of them. Anyway, Barrett was nice enough to let us borrow his tile saw to cut down the bisque tiles.
Then I lightly sanded the sharp edges with leftover sandpaper from my woodwork sanding.
Bisque tiles laid out for glazing
Bisque tiles with 3 coats of glaze
I used a fan brush and a small dish to apply 3 coats of glaze with a bit of drying time between coats. I also rotated the direction I applied the glaze between coats to hopefully minimize the brush marks. (I don't really recommend styrofoam as a work surface. I just used it because it would protect the table and I didn't care if it got glaze on it because it was en route to the garbage.)

I am still awaiting an order of 160 6"x½" tiles before I can declare this project finished.


  1. Wow, I have to say that glazing your own tile is a new level for matching a desired style. Makes my efforts at milling my own casework and moulding seem pretty basic.

    1. Yeah, I'm a little crazy that way. It's actually been fun to figure out how to do this and we're thinking about making more tile as a hobby.