Monday, March 6, 2017

Nursery Adventure

Today started out with snow, but it didn't stick. And, surprisingly, by the afternoon the day had turned sunny.  So, we finally made a long anticipated visit to One Green World in Portland. Primarily, we wanted to purchase kiwi vines to plant on our pergola.
We also picked up six different blueberry plants and one asparagus.
We got a variety. I'm going to list them here, mostly so we retain a list. LOL

Anna Female Hardy Kiwi
Ken's Red Hardy Kiwi
Male Hardy Kiwi

Purple Passion Asparagus

Aurora Blueberry Bush (late ripener)
Bluecrop Blueberry (mid-season ripener)
Chandler Blueberry (mid-season ripener)
Duke Blueberry (early ripener)
Earliblue Blueberry (early ripener)
Spartan Blueberry (early ripener)

After these plants start producing, we'll try and report back on how they do.


  1. Kiwi vines are on my must plant list. After I paint the deck I am going to plant them to grow up the support poles and across the rim joist. Did they tell you how many female plant for each male plant? Also if you get too many kiwis at one time, you can dehydrate them. We ate all the blueberries right off of the bushes last year.....LOL

    1. I think they said up to 8 females for each male plant. We just got 2 females and 1 male. I'm not sure I like kiwis that well to fill my yard with them. I have had dehydrated kiwis and they were OK. I may explore other ways to preserve them if we have too many. Maybe jam?