Wednesday, September 5, 2018

More Kitchen Planning

I have been scanning like a woman obsessed. I actually scanned photos for more than eight hours both today and yesterday. It's been fun to post some of the best family photos on facebook for family members to share the memories. But after about 8 hours, my back has had enough and I go crash in my comfy recliner in front of the TV and goof off with my remodel plan.

I thought I had a contractor lined up to start the work this winter, but he just wrote me that his head guy might be leaving and then he wouldn't be able to take the job. So, I have spent several hours shopping around for another contractor so we'll be prepared no matter his answer.

I've also been poking around to see if we can find the wonderful green soapstone again. I do love it. But just in case we can't, I made plans for both contingencies. Then, once we find a contractor, we'll be super prepared to get started.

Here is the tentative plan if we have to use the black soapstone:
Yeah, I clearly have way too much time. But this was fun to work on in front of the TV. Obviously the counter is all wonky and nothing is particularly to scale. I was just trying to see how the colors looked together.

This is the border.
The rest of the tile will just be some travertine that I can get for a good deal. Or I may get a rubber or Marmoleum floor. We'll pick something to match.

If we end up with the green soapstone, this is the tentative plan.
The kitchen border is available here.
And the bathroom border here.
I assume the whites are actually the same and the only difference is the pictures. Ultimately, the final decision will be made when I figure out the color of the countertop and are able to order samples. We're probably going to use a light-colored solid surface in the bathroom at this house. We had Corian at a house we used to own in Forest Grove and it was really easy to keep clean.

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