Friday, August 28, 2020

Master Closet, Again

Back in early-2013, I presented a design for a very complicated wall of cubes for my master bedroom closet. Folks who have followed us for a while will no doubt be 0% surprised that we never built it.
Briefly, in 2016, I revisited the issue again hoping I could figure out an easier plan that we could actually do.
We didn't do that either. The more I looked at the plan, the more I was sure we would muck it up. We have a lousy woodshop and those boxes need to be made perfectly square. When I thought about how we would work on this project together, I decided it would not be good for our marriage. LOL

I think I finally figured out a way we can finish this project and not get a divorce. I read at the Family Handyman site a recommendation to use kitchen cabinetry for built-in bookcases and it occurred to me they might work for my closet! The benefit of using kitchen cabinets is they'll be drilled for adjustable shelves and everything will be built nice and square.
The days of free SketchUp are mostly gone, but I was able to make some edits to my old file. I'm not sure we'll be able to hang these cabinets without help, but we will try.

The plan calls for two stacked upper cabinets because I could not find a pantry cabinet that came as wide as I wanted it (they're 25½" wide); I'm sizing these to fit the Sterilite plastic tubs I like to use. The shelves along the right side will be fixed and simply cut to length in order to fill whatever space remains.


  1. Looks like a plan - good luck! xx

  2. We've customized all of our closets using the kits that can be found at the big box stores. It's fairly easy to do. I think they even have a tool that helps you decide on the particular configuration you want. Email me if you want more info or pictures of what we've done.

    1. We haven't ordered the cabinets yet. I'm going to go to Lowe's tomorrow and I'll look at them before I order. Jeff won't shop at Home Depot anymore.

    2. I wonder if you could find cabinets at your local Habitat for Humanity ReStore. It might be worth a look. ;0D

    3. If I didn't already have half the closet finished, I would be a lot more open to recycling old cabinets but I need to find an option that will blend well with the other half of the closet that is already finished. I looked at Lowes but I didn't like their options. I'll probably order from a local RTA cabinet place.

  3. I've used upper cabinets for things in the past, never though about the closet! Good luck!