Monday, August 14, 2023

Gutter Leaf Filters Installed

Last Monday we had an appointment with LeafGuard to get all new gutters. We had them on a previous house and really liked them. But it turns out they're larger than standard k-gutters and they need a 6"'wide board to mount to. 

When the installers started talking about cutting off our roof tails, that turned into a big NOPE. We spent about an hour talking about other options (to cutting the wood), but ultimately there was no solution found. We were really disappointed but I was entirely unwilling to deface this house.

So, I went searching for a plan B. There are not a lot of other options available in Portland, Oregon. Ultimately, the one we went for was Leaf Filter. They came out and installed the screens last Wednesday. Allegedly, if our gutters clog up, they'll come out and clean them. Time will tell.

This is the only photo the installers took for me.

They cleaned out and used some of the existing gutters and installed a couple of new ones when we needed to relocate the downspouts. We abandoned the rain chains and had them install downspouts on all the gutters. The rain chains didn't work out because when it snowed they'd get too heavy and fall down. Sometime soon we'll need to add piping to direct the rainwater into our rain gardens. 


  1. Interesting. We have two rain chains and they work great. We've had them quite a number of years.

    1. We had rain chains but they were the kind that were shaped like small buckets and they'd fill up with leaves and snow and they'd fall off. We've finally give up on them.