Monday, July 20, 2009

Cleaning Out the Garage

My stepmother came over today and helped with making progress on cleaning out the garage. We cleared out the three remaining metal cabinets on the side of the garage and I washed them down. And then I pulled out the plastic tubs of grandma's old stuff sitting in a pile to put the stuff into the cabinets. My hope is, now that I can get to it all, I will work on sifting. I want to sell or donate all the stuff we decide not to keep. (Given my recent experience, probably mostly donate.)

Yesterday I said that I thought we had gotten the last of the canned goods. Today, I realized I spoke too soon. We found another big cabinet full of jars. And, another new record; the oldest canned food now is 1967. At this point, I'm hoping to find a 1966 because that's the year I was born! =)

I've been running the dishwasher all day washing these canning jars so I can sell them on craigslist. Canning jars is the one thing you don't have trouble selling, especially this time of year.

Update at 9PM. I've been emptying canning jars all day. I'm on my fourth dishwasher load full. And now I've managed to backup the plumbing... Ugh. I guess these old houses don't have the greatest plumbing. My Dad is not going to be pleased about this if he has to come fix the plumbing tomorrow.

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