Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Registered for Fall Quarter

I finally got the ball rolling on my enrollment at Cañada College today. It's a good thing too! I figured school would start sometime in September, but apparently it starts on August 19! Luckily, I've already managed to register for classes. I am still trying to set up an appointment with their Counseling Dept to figure out what of my DeAnza classes will transfer and count toward the certificate here. Since I'm not sure what will transfer, I went and signed up for the maximum number of classes I would want to take; I figured it was easier to drop than to try and add at the last minute. They're offering five of the paralegal classes in the Fall Semester and I signed up for three of them: Legal Research & Writing, Torts, and Civil Litigation & Trial Prep. (I actually took Legal Research & Writing at DeAnza, but the teacher was so awful, I don't feel like I learned much of anything and am thinking I would like to avail myself of another opportunity to practice these valuable skills.)

Anyway, if I stick with this schedule, I will be in class three nights a week, Mon, Wed & Thurs, basically from 7PM to 10PM. The end of the semester isn't until Dec 18; it's going to be a long semester... And this schedule may be a problem for dog obedience classes if we end up attending the Mountain View Deep Peninsula AKC Dog club, because they meet on Monday nights. I hope the San Mateo group finds a site soon, as they meet on Tuesday nights.

It will be good to be back in school again. It may actually cut down on my facebook goof-off time and get me back on track on the job plan.

My mother came over today and we made three more batches of jam. This time we made Peach Plum Jam, my Mom had half a flat of peaches she needed to use up. We're going to have to give some of this jam away, as we've got quite a large collection of it building up. But I'd rather give jam away than let the plums rot on the ground. =)

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