Monday, July 6, 2009

Bought a New Car

Well, we bought a new 2009 Highlander Hybrid tonight. The Sunnyvale Toyota dealer had a vehicle that had the options we wanted (which were few). Though, at one point the sale was in doubt, as their price was $300 over what I had understood to have been quoted over the phone, but after we left, the manager changed his mind and gave it to us at our price. They're still making a bundle by the time you add up all the bogus extra charges they tuck into the invoice to pad it, like the holdback and the TDA (Toyota Dealer Advertising Fee). And what the heck is a Wholesale Financial Reserve? It looks to me like they padded their invoice by over $1600 in these bogus fees. Next time I need to remind myself to skip buying the new vehicle and buy one a few years old. =)

Anyway, though we paid for the vehicle tonight, we didn't drive it home. Since we were just going to have to bring it back for after-market installations tomorrow (or the next day) we decided to take delivery after they got everything installed. The only things we bought from the dealer was the cargo net and the iPod interface. We'll get the rest of the options elsewhere; the dealer has such outrageous prices. We'll probably still go and buy a navigation system and a few of the cosmetic things, like mud flaps, etc. from auto supply places.

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