Saturday, July 11, 2009

Made a LONG To-Do List

I've had a really unproductive week, it think because as I look around the house I just get overwhelmed by the mess and boxes. So, yesterday, I finally just sat down and started making a list. I don't know why it took me so long; I'm usually good about lists but I've been in sort of random mode for the last month or so. I think the list is really going to help. I'm only putting one big thing on any given day so we can get our big project out of the way in an hour or two and then we can either goof off the rest of the day knowing we accomplished our plan, or keep working on the little stuff.

This morning we've already accomplished the big thing. We have a very expensive rug we bought in Oregon that was in our dining room. I don't particularly want to liquidate it on craigslist yet, so we have to keep it somewhere safe. I wasn't comfortable putting it in storage (due to weather concerns), but we found a clever spot in the tiny bedroom. There is a corner behind the bookcases that was empty, and the rug fit just right in there. We had to re-roll the rug, because the movers rolled it crooked and then we had to unload the bookcase and move it out enough to tuck the rug back there, and then we put the books back in the bookcase. And while we were at it we unpacked a couple more boxes of books.

Yesterday I also figured out the plan for finishing the master bedroom closet. This is an old house and the closet isn't a "standard" size, so I need to do some sort of custom organizer. (Most standard closet systems are designed for closets that are two feet deep, this one is more than three feet deep.) I came up with an easy plan, and I don't think it will cost us very much. The main difference between our plan and DIY closets is that our shelving is going to be 20" deep and standard shelving is more like 12" deep; I don't want to waste that much space. I have already ordered the metal rods and sockets, as well as a couple closet accessories, i.e. sliding tie rack and belt hooks. I also found a shoe rack that should fit the back of the door. This will really help to ease the congestion in the master bedroom.

Anyway, I'm trying to find someone who will build the closet organizer for us, but if I cannot find someone who will do it for less than $200, then we'll go ahead and give it a try ourselves. I've emailed a local handyman for a quote, or hopefully Brian (the guy who did our master bedroom) will be available soon.

On Tuesday we finally are getting our new dressers delivered. I'm really looking forward to that. We should finally be able to unpack almost all of the boxes in the master bedroom. And anything we don't unpack on Tuesday, we'll probably just take to storage.

The last two days were great for craigslist. Yesterday someone came and bought our 100+ boxes we had leftover from the move. I bought way too many and I was going to store them for the next move, but then I decided to try and sell them for around what we paid. We did take a loss by the time you consider sales tax and delivery, but at least we don't have to hassle with them now. And this morning someone came and bought the cherry desk, chair and printer stand. We did take a considerable loss on that one, but at least it is finally out of the garage. I was getting ready to donate the set if it didn't sell this week.

I really wish I had taken a "before" picture. Now my Dad can finally get his antique car out of the garage! There was a mountain of furniture behind the car, blocking it in. Some of it went to storage, the rest has been sold.

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  1. Progress! Good for you! My big item on my to-do list is to clear off surfaces. It's getting really bad, and I think we're going to fill the garbage can and recycle bin quickly once I get started. Clever rug storage!