Saturday, July 25, 2009

Lightning Quilt Blocks Done!

We've gotten a lot done today already!

This morning I endeavored to clear out the master bedroom. I couldn't get around in there on crutches very easily and I was tired of it. We've had a large, maybe five foot, rolling rack in there which was still full of the clothes we couldn't fit into the closets. And a large pile of boxes that also hadn't been completely unpacked (full of sweaters, mostly). Today I went through and unpacked what I could and just put the rest back in boxes with detailed labels and Jeff loaded them in the truck for the trip to storage. I cannot think of the last time we dressed up, so I also packed up the formal clothing. We'll need to rotate our winter and summer clothing, once we get settled. This morning, this corner in the bedroom was full of the rack and a pile of boxes next to it.

I also assembled our new shoe rack and hung it on the closet door. It's funny how they tell you that they fit a certain number of pairs of shoes (in this case 18), but they forget to mention that you have to wear size 5 to get the shoes on there! =) It's still an improvement over a box on the floor.

After a few craigslist appts, I've spent this afternoon working on the quilt and have managed to now complete all 49 squares! Woo hoo! I still have the hard part left, of course, which is arrange and assemble the blocks, and make the pieced border. That will probably take me at least three days.

We still haven't bought a television for the living room and I think we're finally going to go shopping for one this evening. We're going to start at Costco, because they have one that is a really good size for our entertainment cabinet.

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  1. What's with the crutches? Did you break your leg? Or do you opt to not wear it around the house?