Thursday, July 23, 2009

Latest Mini-Trip Travel Plan

Jeff and I have started talking about taking a six-week road trip next year. Okay, so we cannot afford to take a year off in this crummy economy, but that doesn't mean we need to stay at home until things recover. So, we've started talking about taking a six-week trip next year. We're hoping he can take that much time off from work (four weeks would be unpaid), but we're not entirely sure Apple will let him go for that long.

Anyway, we're thinking about covering about 5,000 miles in that time, which may be way too much for only six weeks. Our preliminary thoughts are to drive out to Yellowstone and spend a couple of days. Then drive out to Chicago, IL and return to California along the old Route 66. We would manage to see at least some of the country, and it may help us decide whether we're really cut out to live and travel in an RV for a year. This would be practice for that year-long trip we want to take. =)

Here's the preliminary map:

View Larger Map

And here is our Google Map that we'll continue to update as we add (and subtract) cities. Hopefully this will work out; we'd love to go.

View Revised Short Trip in a larger map

We're initially thinking about beginning this trip in September 2010. (Who wants to travel across the middle of the US in the summer?) I don't know if this would be in our car or rented RV. And we don't know if Shasta will join us or not. We haven't gotten that far in the plan. Now that we have a preliminary plan, Jeff will approach his boss with the idea and ask for permission to take the time.

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