Friday, October 30, 2009

This Week Zoomed By

I have been keeping so busy between school and the internship this week, I hardly know how it got to be Friday afternoon.

I worked at my internship on Monday and Thursday. On Wednesday, I spent 5 hours at the law library. Tuesday was my one "goof off" day. I sort of watched Jane Eyre (I mostly listened) on Netflix while I was formatting and getting started on my final project for Legal Research and Writing.

I typed up the contents and the table of authorities and started the rough draft. I'm quite determined to get my final project done by Thanksgiving, then I can enjoy the holidays. I can simply attend classes and take notes, and I'll have all the homework done. At the end of the semester, all I'll have to worry about is two in-class finals, which hopefully won't be too difficult.

Today I had planned to spend several hours at the law library again, but I think the house simply got too messy for me to ignore it. One minute I was packing up my school stuff, and the next I found myself doing dishes and sifting piles. Oh well, it will be nice to have the piles reduced somewhat. Unfortunately, it is still not clean, just a bit less of a disaster.

We've been terribly neglectful of cooking dinners at home lately. With Jeff working full time and me as busy as I am, we've been buying dinners several nights a week. It's quite shocking for us, since we are normally so thrifty about our eating habits. Tonight, however, we'll be cooking Beef Barley Soup. We have two quarts of beef broth and veges we need to use up, so we're going to make this recipe. We made this recipe, sort of, a couple weeks ago and it was quite good. (We rarely follow recipes exactly.) And we'll also have some leftovers for lunches, too.

We really need to get back into the habit of cooking again. Hopefully once I get into coast-mode at school, I'll have the attention span to deal with putting together crock-pot meals in the morning. We do love crock-potting!

On Tuesday, I have an interview arranged for another internship, this one with an intellectual property firm. I hope it goes well. I do sometimes say such stupid things...(for an interview, anyway).

Finally, to follow up with my whining about my current internship, it has gotten better. As of next week, I'm changing my hours and now I'll be working on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. The attorney I'm working for will be in at least one of the days. And I'll also get to work on Jeff's and my will and estate docs in a few weeks. I'll get to learn by doing! I've also decided that I'm going to work on getting my notary public commission. I'm not going to pay for a class; they're expensive. Instead, I'm going to do a cheap at-home study course and then go take the test. Unfortunately, the testing, fingerprinting and supplies cost more than $200, but it should help me find a position when I'm done with school.

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