Sunday, November 15, 2009

Finished a Quilt!

Bindings are probably my least favorite part of quilting, which is probably why I tend to procrastinate once I get them to that point. =)
This evening, I managed, finally, to finish one of the boys' quilts. I literally don't have a floor big enough in the house to lay it out and take a picture, but here it is folded into quarters. Hopefully the next one will go a bit faster now that I'm building up calluses on my fingers and hopefully I'm getting the hang of where to hold it so I can see. I'm sort of missing my near-sightedness.

On Friday evening we went over to my brother James' place to visit and to celebrate the November birthdays. My brother James and his wife, Alice, have a new baby, Alexander. Here is photographic evidence that I will actually hold babies (if they're handed to me) for those who know me. Jeff had to snap the picture pretty quickly, though, because Alexander started crying right after this.

The kids seem to have a good time playing with Shasta. Jeff took this really cute picture of all of them.

After dinner and some playing, we went and watched "Up." I thought it was cute the way all the "kids" were lined up on the floor to watch TV.

My brother James had a very cool cake, okay, maybe a very hot cake.

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  1. Oooh! A baby in your arms! Crazy stuff! :) Glad you had a good time and finished a quilt!