Monday, December 14, 2009

Busy Day

I had PE class this morning and I somehow dragged myself out of bed. Jeff got up much more easily; all those naps this weekend must have helped. Once I was up, I was feeling pretty good. I decided to multi-task and I brought my class notes to PE class and study while I was riding Rex (sort of a recumbent elliptical). I got quite a bit of cardio workout this morning between studying and walking to and from class.

Since we had the dining table cleared, I decided I'd better take advantage of the space, so I also sewed the binding on the last quilt. I didn't have enough of any one fabric so I had to piece the binding with different fabrics. Hope it's not too weird! Anyway, now I've just got the last two to finish the hand sewing. I'm planning to bring at least one of them on the trip to Oregon to work on when we're hanging out visiting. It will be a relief to have all four of these quilts done.

My father also came out today and picked up his old car. So, we now have the other half of the garage! Yeah! It will be nice to have some spare space out there. It was hard to get around with how crammed it was with stuff. Though, with our vacation coming up later this week, this project will have to wait until January.

I have a final in three hours so maybe I'd better get studying again!

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