Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Lots of House Shopping

Well, we heard back on Sunday night that the sellers of 64th took another offer. Boo hoo, we didn't get another house that we wanted. Oh well, I've heard that the sale is contingent on another house sale closing, so maybe it will end up back on the market sometime in the future.

We spent lots of time this week looking at houses. We found several that were almost what I wanted. =)

There was a nice historic house on Stark, right across from Laurelhurst Park, that was the victim of an unfortunate remodel. That's too bad--because we adore Laurelhurst Park.

I think we're going to go back to California this time and just keep watching online. Hopefully something will be listed this spring that is a short walk to Laurelhurst Park. I think I may just come back up when I see something hit the market that looks interesting.

This afternoon, while finishing up the last of our house hunting, it started snowing. And it ended up snowing quite a lot, especially considering that snow didn't seem to be in the forecast. I think we had about 4" out here in Hillsboro; at least according to some of my facebook friends. There were a lot of accidents on the highway on our way home.We had been planning to drive back to California tomorrow, but given the weather, I think that plan is going to be changed.

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