Saturday, April 24, 2010

Changing Schools Again

I have been working on a paralegal certificate for a couple years now. I started at DeAnza College in Cupertino then stopped going when we planned to travel for a year. Then when we moved to Redwood City, I transferred to Cañada College. I was hoping to finish my paralegal certificate at Cañada College this spring, but I think I may be just a bit short on units (3 units of a Word class). So, I have a choice. I can try and keep working on my certificate here in California during the summer or I can just transfer to Portland Community College. PCC requires more total units for the Paralegal certificate than the program here, but they also have a much better selection of classes.

I was impressed about how many classes PCC was offering, until I realized tuition there is about three times more expensive than I've been paying at community colleges here in California. (No wonder the California schools are going broke.)

I spent my morning first applying to go to PCC, and also plotting out my schedule to finish there. It looks like I could finish with six more classes, assuming some very conservative transfer estimates. If they transfer more of the California classes, then I would just need four or five classes in Portland. Of course, I may have to take more if they require a certain percentage of your paralegal classes be taken at PCC. Though, I couldn't find such a requirement anywhere at the website.

Summer quarter starts on June 21. I'm trying to figure out if I can get my act together and get up to Portland by that date. I'm currently considering 12 units in the summer quarter (4 classes). That would only leave a couple more in fall quarter.