Monday, September 12, 2011

Backyard Planning

Our backyard is a disaster. Apparently digging a stairwell out the back of your basement combined with several months of rain is detrimental to your landscape.

We didn't actually take any before photos before the remodel started, but here are a couple taken during the several months before the job began.

Unfortunately, this is how it looks today! All the visible dirt has a hard crust on it.

And to make matters worse—we are getting new gutters in two weeks with rain chains and disconnected from the storm drains! Yes, we're trying to disconnect. We had better get started on the rain catchment! Despite all the other projects competing for our time right now, we have to make this one a priority or we'll have a swamp out there this winter (and probably a damp basement).

This morning we spent all morning making measurements and Jeff is currently working on drawing the landscape map. We're thinking rain garden! Jeff's double-dug planting bed from last fall should prove to be a good starting point. And we are hoping to put in a couple of French drains on a couple other corners of the house. Jeff will be hard at work over the next few weeks digging trenches.

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