Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Burnt Out

Jeff and I have been working on paint stripping, staining and painting fairly steadily since the summer before last. I'm tired of the project. No, I'm burned out on the project.

Our current unfinished section—the entryway and upstairs hallway—has to be done by mid to late-November, so we have enough time to let the refinished floors dry and then move our furniture back into the bedrooms.

I don't know if we can afford to, but we're thinking about hiring out some more of the work. If it's not crazy expensive—we're just going to hire someone to come in and make it beautiful! We had four appointments for estimates today and a couple more tomorrow. I just want all this work to be done so we can move in and live like normal people.

Though, I have regained at least some of my energy for working on house projects. I spent yesterday cleaning the windows in the bedrooms where I got stain and shellac all over them. What a pain! Next time I'll mask the glass; I'm sure it would be faster than the clean up.

Today we acquired most of the wood to replace the picture rail in the entryway and to repair the damaged fireplace. I'm also prepping my closet to stain the wood baseboard and window. There is an end in sight, if only we can keep heading in the right direction.


  1. I can see why you are burned out; you've been so busy!
    Maybe it's time to work on something fun for a change, like your quilting.
    Why does the hallway and entry way have to be done by the end of November?

    1. I need to have it done because my father is coming to visit for a week and I need to have a guest room set up. Right now we've only got one bed set up, down in the basement.

  2. Take a break for a week or two, then maybe you can get back at it...unless the finishing quotes you get are really reasonable. Good luck!