Sunday, October 7, 2012

Latest House Task List

The last three weeks, I've been in one of the longest periods of non-motivation that I've had in quite a while. I just got tired of stripping paint with dental tools. Ugh. But the clock keeps ticking . . . so I'd better get over it soon.

We did work hard this summer and I figured I would revisit our house task list. It always makes me feel better to see that we've accomplished something in the last six months.

This time around I did some rearranging and added a bunch of new items. I also deleted all the items crossed off the last time I looked at the list. There's no sense leaving stuff on here that's been finished for a while.

Our priorities have changed somewhat over the last year and other projects have moved up in importance.
  1. Buy woodworking tools (done enough for now)
  2. Buy/Make and stencil curtains for dining room
  3. Embroider curtains in dining room
  4. Stain/Shellac master bedroom woodwork
  5. Refinish master bedroom floors
  6. Plan/Install master bedroom closet interiors
  7. Stain woodwork in Sharon's closet
  8. Prime and paint master bedroom and closets (2 of 3 closets done)
  9. Strip woodwork in guest bedroom
  10. Stain/Shellac woodwork in guest bedroom
  11. Prime and paint walls/ceiling in guest bedroom
  12. Refinish floor in guest bedroom
  13. Strip or Replace linen cabinet door
  14. Strip paint in entryway (nearly finished)
  15. Sand entryway woodwork
  16. Stain & Shellac entryway and upper hall woodwork
  17. Refinish floors on stairway and upper hall
  18. Plan/Install kitchen pantry interior (postponed)
  19. Plan garage
  20. Clear with city/File permit
  21. Hire contractor?
  22. Empty garage
  23. Demo garage
  24. Rebuild garage
  25. Seal garage floor
  26. Install drainage pipes on gutter downspouts
  27. Install gutters on garage
  28. Rain barrel behind garage
  29. Install garage roof insulation
  30. Build workbench from salvage wood
  31. Plan and build side fence
  32. Install backyard path
  33. Have quilt quilted
  34. Bind quilt
  35. Plan and build raccoon/rat-safe chicken coop
  36. Plan and build pergola at back patio
  37. Clean bricks and install back patio
  38. Prime/Paint/Stain basement bathroom
  39. Install flooring/fixtures in basement bathroom
  40. Strip woodwork in sewing room
  41. Stain/Shellac woodwork in sewing room
  42. Repaint walls/ceiling in sewing room
  43. Refinish floor in sewing room
I'm going to drop the paint stripping in the sewing room, for now. That project can wait until 2013 or even later. I'm beyond ready for a break from paint stripping.


  1. You had got so much completed this year, a 3 week break was definitely in order! I'm amazed at how much paint stripping you got done. I loathe paint stripping.... LOL

  2. I need to make a list like this, too.

  3. You have definitely acomplished a lot this year! We need to make a to do list like this. I'm hoping to get motivated to work on the woodwork again soon now that it's cooled down. I'm really hoping to get the majority of it done this year...

  4. I really hate stripping paint, so I don't blame you for being sick of it ;)

    You guys really have worked your tails off in getting some tasks done. Kudos!

  5. I missed this post--your list does look a lot like mine (although a bit longer!). I hope you're not planning to do all this by the end of the year (because if so you'll make me look like a slacker! haha) At least you know that others across the country are sharing in your misery. Good luck!