Friday, December 2, 2016

Shasta's New Toy

I had seen advertisements for the CleverPet many months ago, but at the time they didn't have any units for sale. They had a sale on Cyber Monday so we picked one up,  trusting it wouldn't be a waste of money.

We set this up yesterday evening. This is Shasta, barely more than 24 hours after we got it! Go Shasta! It's already getting harder and I don't think it's "paying" her every time now.
Yes, she's eating a lot today, but she's still learning how to use it. Our plan is to actually feed her all her regular food through this delivery method as soon as she gets the hang of it.

Bailey, so far, isn't interested. We plan to set it up so she can watch Shasta playing it while we hang out on the couch together. We're hoping she'll learn it too.


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    1. Thank you. Do you have one? I love to following other's blogs as well.

    2. No, I don't have a blog but I was raised in a 100 years old house and I love to check old houses blogs. I saw the picture of your dogs and they are lovely. I have a black labrador (our dog-girl) named Charlotte. Continue your wonderful work !