Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Resurrecting Cooking Blog

Jeff and I have been depressed about the world situation right now. Really depressed. He responded productively by getting extremely active with Indivisible Oregon. Sadly, I responded by diving back into my Elder Scrolls Online game, but this week I have finally decided I need to stop hiding out in the game.

Starting now, I am going to try to make some overdue positive changes in my life. First starters, I've decided to become a lot more proactive in our menu planning because over the last couple of years our eating has drifted back into a lot of store-bought prepared food, i.e. things like canned soup and less healthy foods. Jeff has tried to keep up our nutrition—he still makes a lot of salads—but sometimes he just doesn't feel like cooking. This has resulted in a much larger food budget. I'd like to work to reverse the trend and use more of my time helping out with the cooking tasks.

Last Thanksgiving, the Instant Pot was deeply discounted and since many of our friends had been raving about theirs for months on social media, we decided to give it a try. Jeff has gotten good use out of it, since he uses it most days for making oatmeal for breakfast, but I am going to try and add a lot more recipes to our arsenal. I'm hoping ultimately we will buy less canned foods, especially soups.

Anyway, for folks who are interested in our cooking exploits, we'll be resurrecting Jeff's mostly neglected food blog and resume posting about our successes and failures. I plan to do quite a lot of Instant Pot recipes and I'm hoping to try my hand at some crusty breads and filled pastas (not too much of these because of carbs).


  1. It is a depressing state of affairs. I never thought I'd see the day that science was a BAD thing, the only way to fight hate is with more hate, and that coal use was the future.

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