Saturday, April 4, 2020

Secret Garden Growers

Anyone who has followed our blog for a while knows that I obsess about things. My latest obsession was about a silly evergreen maidenhair fern, the Adiantum x tracyi. I've been looking for them at our local nurseries since January when I realized how pretty they looked over the winter.

I found them online a while ago at a nursery in Canby, Secret Garden Growers, but I successfully talked myself out of driving there. But on Friday, when they advertised a 10% off sale at their Facebook page, I could no longer resist. And I figured I may as well go to the grocery store too.
It was a nice little nursery. I bought a few more plants beside the Tracy's Maidenhair ferns. Plus, I bought another Ribes x gordonianum, this one a 2-year old plant and MUCH bigger (and nearly the same price as the little one). I wish I'd found it before I bought the little one, but I did not.
This larger plant has the advantage of being more likely to survive the ravages of our dog children. We put the smaller plant in the front yard where the girls are less likely to stumble over it.

I need to be done plant shopping now, at least until it's safer to venture outside of the house again.


  1. Teach your dogs to stay out of the garden. Or separate the garden areas from the dog areas. Not sending my plants to die.