Friday, June 12, 2020

Yard Tidying

We've been slowly cleaning up the neglected areas of the yard.

This planting bed next to the driveway was overgrown with some groundcovers. I believe one of them was Vinca minor, but I don't know what the other was. We dug them out as much as we could.
Last year we added some sword ferns and this spring we added a tassel fern and autumn fern. Then I put in two poppy plants I picked up while shopping this spring. We had a spare Gordon's flowering currant so we put that in too. And there are a few violas we grew from seed. In fall, I'll add some bulbs.
And we cleaned up and planted another bed in the backyard next to the stairs down from the patio. It was an untidy mess.
Jeff decided to put in a scrap 2x6 to help support the slope and then double dug it. We planted in some plants that were grown from seed and a few purchased plants.
 We'll likely add some sort of groundcover, but we haven't decided what to use yet. I've gotten tired of ajuga. I may put in some strawberries.


  1. Looks great! It feels so good to get things tidied up, doesn't it?