Sunday, June 28, 2020

This Week's Blooms

It's time to post flower photos again. There are so many we've been enjoying.
Daylily 'Mandolin.' This was actually a freebie from Schreiner's Iris Gardens with our order last fall.
It's quite pretty.
Daylily 'Burnin Down the House.' It looks quite different than I was expecting it to look
but I'm hoping it will change as the plant gets more established.
I think this is a Calendula Resina I grew from seed.
(I planted 3 different varieties of calendula and they weren't all tagged.)
Our Pacific Iris 'Canyon Snow' has given us a second round of flowers.
Viola 'Orange Sun' I grew from seed.
This Jimi's Purple Haze Poppy is really tall. When I bought it in spring,
I didn't realize this variety was an annual. Luckily, it was inexpensive and
maybe we'll be able to grow more from the seeds I'm planning to collect.
The flowers on our Spirea Douglasii are finally open and the bees are ecstatic.
They appear almost drunk with pleasure when they're crawling around on it.
Cornflowers 'Black Gem' I grew from seed. They have tall and floppy stalks but the flowers are quite lovely.
I can't believe how large this Heuchera 'Peach Flambe' has grown.
It was a tiny 1.5" plug when I bought it just over a month ago.


  1. You've got some showstoppers there! Enjoy!

    1. It's not a nice food producing garden like your yard--we don't have enough sun for that--but it is lovely to enjoy the flowers.

  2. The poppy will likely seed itself.

    1. I will not mind, though that isn't the best spot for it since it's so tall. I'll try and catch the seeds and sprinkle them in a better spot.