Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Quilt Pictures

Got my quilts machine quilted this week. Still have to cut down the edges and put on the binding, but I should be able to get these done before we go on our trip. I'm very pleased about that. 

I don't much like the backing on the boys quilts, but I just decided I WASN'T going to buy more fabric. I already had way too many transportation prints, so I just pieced the pieces I hadn't used. They were quilted with a little car stitch; very cute.

Veronica's quilt is quilted with little fish; don't like this stitch as well because it is actually too dense. I probably should have picked something else. Oh well, it still looks quite nice.

And, finally, my little Dragon quilt. Had it quilted with stars because the fabric has lots of little stars on the background.

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