Thursday, March 18, 2010

First Produce Delivery

I mentioned quite a while ago that we had subscribed to an organic farm and we got our first delivery today! (The programs are called CSAs/Community Supported Agriculture if you want to look up the same kind of program in your area.) Here is today's delivery:We spent all evening washing, chopping and cooking vegetables. Okay, I washed; Jeff did the chopping and cooking... Now we've got almost all the vegetables packed up into small containers so we can add it to all the meals this week. Jeff is so awesome!

And here was dinner tonight. We used up some old veges from the refrigerator as well as used some of the new stuff. Lots of variety compared to our normal one-dish meals. Though, I probably went a bit over my calories for the day; I wasn't keeping close track because there were so many things in the prep stage at once.

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