Sunday, October 17, 2010

Productive Weekend

We had one of our more productive weekends this weekend. Saturday, as usual, we both had school until 4PM then we usually both spend the evening doing school work. It's a long day.

Last week, Jeff worked out a nice food-for-tutoring barter arrangement with one of his classmates and he got some produce yesterday. He brought home about 20 pounds of roma tomatoes, chard, spinach, a zucchini and some other veges. (Unfortunately, I forgot to take a photo.) So, today we had to figure out how to process them or they'd likely go bad in the next couple of days.

We decided to make tomato sauce for use during the next couple of weeks. On the first batch we went through the hassle of peeling the tomatoes and cooking them down, but the second batch we just processed the tomatoes through the food processor, skin and all, and that seemed to work fine. It sure saved time. =)

The rest of the tomatoes we just washed and put in the freezer so we can make another batch of sauce on another weekend.

We also managed to spend a few minutes out in the garage working to unbury the cherry entertainment center out there. It's taking up a ton of space and we need to get it gone. We cleaned it up and I listed it on craigslist. We're going to try and sell it until January, and then we'll go ahead and donate it and the rest of the furniture if we haven't found new homes for them by then.

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