Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Blown-In Insulation

Today there is a crew blowing in insulation. They start by drilling holes into every wall stud cavity then they do a second pass and spray in the insulation. It's a somewhat messy process. (Though, not remotely as messy as Rose City Bungalow's experience. Be sure to scroll down and check out their basement photo.)

We're using EcoSafe Spray Foam Insulation which purports to have no ozone depleting substances and is odorless.
They also claim it helps control problems associated with moisture accumulation within the building, such as wall condensation. The insulation is weird stuff and looks like shaving cream but after only a few minutes it hardens so you can pick it up.

Note to crew for future jobs: Locate all recessed fixtures (i.e. medicine cabinets) throughout the house before commencing drilling.

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