Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Organized Garage

We decided to spend our Summer Solstice continuing yesterday's progress by organizing the garage. We got rid of quite a lot of stuff and today we wanted to go through and organize what was staying. Since we've realized the garage is so leaky, we decided it was better to try and pull stuff away from the walls so we decided to run a path around the edges and fill the center of the garage.

We now have all the salvage confined to the back of the left side. The contractors will use the front of the left side during the remodel to store their tools at night.

The right side of the garage has our "stuff." We still need to do some more organizing, but we made a lot of progress. Our plan is to clear the front of the right side so Jeff can set up our "camp kitchen" in there and then he'll finally be able to boil water!

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