Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Living Room Furniture Dreamin'

Sharon has been looking literally for months for living room furniture on craigslist, but the good deal craftsman-style pieces get snapped up so quickly in our area, that we just haven't been successful, despite Sharon diligently checking craigslist every single day.

So she has been weak the last week or so and has been seriously considering buying some new living room furniture!! (It's very rare that we buy new furniture anymore. We took some serious losses on new furniture purchases when we sold our last house.)

The full-size couch we have in the living room now is just too big. There is hardly any room to walk around it and it isn't as "period" as we would like, so this prompted Sharon to spend a few hours shopping around on the internet for appropriately styled loveseats. It was pretty obvious right away new loveseats are expensive—like to the tune of $3,000 each. We won't spend that much. (We're not necessarily being solid wood snobs—Sharon just hasn't found inexpensive veneer imitations in the right style.)

But Sharon ran across a seller on eBay who makes some nice looking furniture for comparatively affordable prices and is thinking about ordering two of these loveseats and a cube chair.

The seller will even finish the chairs in your own upholstery fabric, which then sent Sharon on another quest. She so fell in love with this plum fabric. Even though purple is Sharon's favorite color, we have never used it to decorate our homes. This might be the time we finally get to incorporate some purple in our decor.

And since we're dreaming here, she also found a period coordinating rug! The Lasenby: A simple yet elegant lattice design attributed to C.F.A. Voysey.Now we just need to find $7,000 somewhere and we can get all the pieces we're dreaming about. =)

Update a couple days later: Sharon caved. She wrote back and forth with the seller a couple times and when he offered her 5% off the price (basically, a quantity discount), she ordered the pieces. Hopefully the purple fabric color will work with our room colors so she can get that ordered too.

Got the fabric sample on Saturday. It should work!

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