Monday, July 23, 2012

Upstairs Stain Ready

Jeff and I finished sanding the woodwork upstairs this morning. Now both the guest bedroom and the upper hallway are stain ready. The woodwork is smooth and has beautiful grain patterns and I think it's going to look wonderful stained.

We also started cleaning up the sanding dust everywhere. What a mess we made throughout the house. We're going to have to vacuum/dust all the downstairs too.

Today we had Mike, our favorite electrician (B&H Electric, 503-970-5730), move the one outlet in the plaster down into the woodwork—before the plaster repair tomorrow. I believe every other outlet in the upstairs and downstairs is in the baseboard, so I decided this one would look better if it was moved.
I'm actually very pleased with our progress on this project—we started on Jun 1 and we're already ready for stain (even including the upper hallway).

Our master bedroom took us like six months to finish the paint stripping—which admittedly did include long gaps in our labor. Back then we didn't quite know what to expect at the time, so we weren't prepared for the long days of dull labor needed for the project. Audio books were the key.


  1. random lurker here, can't wait to see what it looks like after stain!