Tuesday, December 18, 2012

25th Anniversary Tomorrow

We were married on December 19, 1987 so tomorrow is our 25th wedding anniversary. We've decided to spend the day—at home—living like we were back in 1987. That means: no internet, no lap tops, no Netflix, no DVDs, no digital cameras, no Xbox, etc.

There will likely be some exceptions; we'll probably still use our iPods for playing pre-1987 music because it is not convenient to play CDs. (They're all packed and in storage.)

We have a ton of books so we should be able to amuse ourselves without the electronics. I suspect we'll enjoy a day of reading by the fire, especially if the weather is cold and wet.


  1. Hard to believe you guys have been married for 25 years! That was the year before Kelly & I met. We didn't get married for quite some time, though, so we will be celebrating 20 years in 2014. I guess you will still have to use all the appliances and newly remodeled stuff in your house, right? Have a great day and enjoy your celebrations! Congratulations! Oh, and take pictures of what you do...hopefully with a newer camera so we don't have to wait for the developing. :)

  2. Happiest of anniversaries to you! It's a big milestone year for both you and Jeff and the Laurelhurst house.