Friday, December 28, 2012

Quilt Score

Though I used to be an eBay addict, I rarely spend much time shopping there anymore. The listing fees are much lower on craigslist. =)  But, I do have a few searches working for me.

In mid-December I got an update about an Iris quilt and I was shocked to see this for a starting bid of $94.99 plus shipping. Last October, I blogged about wanting to make this quilt design. I don't think I can even buy the fabric and batting for less than $100.

I immediately placed a bid and was surprised—and excited—when a couple days later I won the quilt (on our anniversary). It came in the mail today and is in even better shape than I was expecting.
This quilt is probably only twin size and we have a queen bed, but it's a lovely decor item.

Making this quilt pattern in queen size is still on my long-term To Do list, but I can happily display this one for now.


  1. Great find. How about adding side panels in a coordinating print to make it work for the queen size bed? More in the style of a spread instead of a quilt.

  2. I'd hate to actually damage this quilt by sewing pieces onto it. But I am definitely thinking about making a quilt sized so the borders line up nicely with this one. Short term, I have a number of purple quilts and I'll make sure and make the bed with one of those before putting this one on top.

  3. actually, it fits perfectly - frames the top exactly. people can't custom-design quilts to fit this perfectly! so what if you can see the mattress on the side : ) - from the top it's perfect~!

  4. Looks great on the bed - looked pretty good in the living room too :-)

  5. Great find, Sharon! There is nothing I find more addictive than bargain-hunting. Now I'll be up the rest of the night searching for vintage and antique quilts!

    Interesting side-story: I can actually quilt, not a typical talent for somebody my age. My grandmother taught me; I was the only member of the family she ever got around to, which is sad since there are pictures of my great-great grandmother quilting. I don't know that I'll ever have children to pass the tradition onto. Anyway, my grandma left me with a lovely quilted bedspread she called "Navajo flowers," but we don't have a non-basement guest room at the moment and it's too nice to put on our bed, where one of our dogs spends most of his day. Someday . . .