Saturday, August 8, 2015

More Basement Bath

We got a pretty in the mail today; a chrome waste bin. It's quite nice looking with a slight hammered look. I bought this off of Amazon and I'm happy that it is real metal. Often when you buy stuff that looks like metal in a picture, it's actually plastic when you get it. I'm probably going to buy another one for the master bath.
I also did a little spray painting project. The floor has this weird hole and cover in it. Very ugly and I'm not exactly sure what it is. Maybe it is the old plumbing.
I've been trying to find a chrome drain cover for it, but the hole is too big for most standard sizes. I've spent far too long on google surfing for options to replace this ugly thing.

So, instead, I decided to try just spray painting it. It was about $10 for the two cans of paint. I followed the advice of this blog and bought plastic primer to use before the metallic paint.

I'm not really sure if this is better because it really makes it POP visually. I guess we will see if it bugs us. I may try and buy some tan paint that matches the flooring better and give that a try if I end up hating the chrome.
Jeff also worked on a basement bathroom project today, but it's not quite done. Hopefully tomorrow we'll have something else to show.


  1. Can you find a antique brass paint?

    1. Looks like it. Just do a google search on ""antique brass" spray paint" and at least one option pops up.