Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Bathroom Finished for Now

But for a few decorative items, the basement bathroom is finished as much as we plan to do right now. We still have to have the soapstone counter cut (when we have the master bath counter cut) so the guys installed a temporary counter and drop-in sink Eric had kicking around his barn. The sink I bought for this bathroom is an undermount so the guys thought it was best to save it for the final install since it might be difficult to remove it without damage in a temporary install.
They made the countertop out of this weathered piece of 1/2" plywood we had kicking around our yard. They cut two pieces the same size and glued them together and attached a scrap of marmoleum to one side to "finish" it. Then they finished the raw edges with a piece of stained wood kicking around our garage. (It was actually the piece of chewed mantel trim we took out a couple years ago.)

I'm digging the new toilet paper holder. It was a good deal from Renovation Supply.
The bathroom is tiny and hard to take pictures. Maybe someday I'll find someone who has a lens that can photograph it properly.


  1. You guys are on a roll. Looks great. Love the floor.

  2. That's a basement bathroom?! That looks way nicer than most people's primary bathroom!