Sunday, August 9, 2015

Sifting Tile Again

I had plans to work on other projects today, but I got distracted looking through the many boxes of tile again. I've been working on getting quotes for the tile install in our master bathroom and I'm trying to finalize details of the plan. And once I found this cool tile set, I've been trying to figure out a way to use it.
I made quite the mess in the dining room. LOL (We sold our oak dining room set. We bought a new-to-us cherry set that we're getting next week, but that's for another post.)
I found this nice set of tiles, but tragically (again) there is not enough tiles. It would also look good.
One of the tiles has a different brown color, and one has a blue smudge in the corner, so there are really only 5 usable tiles with the design on it. But there are like 35 of the brown stripe tiles so perhaps someone will be interested in this set. I'll probably end up putting them on craigslist. Or if no one wants them, I may put them at the door into the basement. That would be pretty hilarious to have this pretty tile at the dog's door. (I'd even have the stencil that matches.)

Anyway, I think I worked out a plan to use the other flower border in our bathroom where I just end it at the shower. I realized that once we install rain glass in the shower enclosure we really won't be able to see the tile inside the shower and I can live with plain tile in there.

I really liked this plan with the yellow tile strip but (again) we don't have enough of the yellow. (drat)
 We have plenty of the bright white trim pieces, but they won't work either. The field tile is historic white so the bright white doesn't match. If we have to, we'll cut down field tiles into strips and use those. LOL
I'm pretty sure we have at least twice the amount of historic white field tile we need to tile this bathroom so we ought to be able to figure something out.

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