Friday, June 10, 2016

Backyard Project Plans

We have gotten almost nothing done the last month. Jeff went off to Texas for a long weekend of WW2 reenactment and brought home a cold-from-hell. This stupid cold just won't go away.

We're finally getting better though, so we're hoping to return to productivity. We have two backyard projects we're hoping to finish in the next month, if the weather cooperates. The first is to install safer steps on the back slope; something along these lines. (I'd link the article for the project, but it's no longer there.)
We bought some used pavers off of craigslist for the floor of the back patio. We were originally planning to use salvaged bricks and concrete chunks, but this was just too good a deal to pass up. Since their size is uniform, it will certainly be faster to lay them down. Aaron picked them up in very rainy weather, so they're muddy in this photo.
This is what the bricks looked like in the craigslist ad
I'm juggling so many small projects, I can hardly keep track. I'm hoping to finish lacquering the woodwork in the bathroom this weekend. Barrett (the tile guy) has been flaky as usual this week, but he does seem to be eventually showing up. Late is better than never. I'll post progress photos when he's done for the day tonight.


  1. That should look good! I think those pavers are a great match for your house and style. They look finished, but still somewhat rustic, which should for the arts and crafts style well.

    I'm hoping to get our backyard patio redone in the next couple weeks. I've struggled with picking a style that is functional and looks good, but won't look out of place with the style of house, or dated in a couple years.

    1. Thanks. We've also struggled with landscape styles, but there are several period gardening books available online. You might want to check them out.

  2. That giant pile of pavers makes my back ache to look at....