Monday, June 24, 2019

Reimagining the Rain Garden

Now that Jeff and I have been spending so much time in the yard, I'm starting to reconsider some of my earlier plant choices. I think I'm ready for some more flowers. :)

We planted two small thimbleberry plants in the backyard rain garden and it obviously loved that spot because it has been a chore to control it in the backyard.
Here was the rain garden at the beginning, Oct 2011
Before Jeff realized he could literally chop it to the ground and it would come back, this is what the thimbleberry looked like. It felt like an impenetrable wall splitting our backyard.
After a severe pruning, it got better by Aug 2016. Also, in summer 2016, a friend of ours brought over two large garbage bags of ferns and quite a few of them ended up in this large rain garden.
Here is the yard tidied up in Aug 2016
Here is where the rain garden is at this summer.
Maybe there are too many ferns. LOL
I think I'm ready to remove the thimbleberry. It's a fine plant if you have a huge yard, but we don't. This plant is occupying one of the few sunny spots in our backyard and I would prefer to plant some flowers there. I think we'll also dig and relocate some of the ferns. I predict quite a few will be moving down to our soon-to-be installed Hidden Garden.


  1. It's always good to take a step back and see how things feel. The beauty of gardening is that it can be changed up at any time. I hope you enjoy the process. Be blissed!

    1. It's really hard for me to kill a plant on purpose. I'm trying to get over it. But I think this area could be a really beautiful spot next to our patio if it had a lot more flowers. :)

    2. I feel ya.
      More flowers is always a good thing! ;0D