Thursday, June 13, 2019

Parking Strip Part 2

Aaron and Jeff finished double digging the second side of the parking strip. The planting isn't complete as we still need to buy ferns and maybe a columbine, but we found more of the Forever Purple Heuchera. The next time we feel like driving out to Echo Valley Natives, we'll pick up the rest of the plants.
Almost finished. There is still a shocking lack of ferns.
This is the before photo
We can't do nearly as much planting on this side of the parking strip because there are two utility access covers taking up quite a lot of space on the side and back.

The garden is looking quite nice now. It's time to start harvesting lettuce for salads.
And the Oceanspray is in flower. I think we put this native shrub in when we installed the rain gardens in 2012.
Now we REALLY need to turn our attention to cleaning house. Sharon's father is coming for a visit in two weeks! Our house still hasn't recovered from our aborted attempt to move.


  1. The Oceanspray is quite the diva! Love seeing folks using native plants in the landscape!

    1. I have to admit, I've had my regrets about plant selections, but the flowers are quite nice. I should go take a closeup.