Saturday, September 7, 2019

It Rained :(

Jeff and Aaron managed to fill all the nail holes and do more priming on Friday. I painted the first coat of paint on the door.
Since it started raining on Saturday, we didn't get to start putting the paint on. Instead, we did a bit of garage organizing.

I managed to clear off the big workbench and sanded off all the marks and sealed it with two coats of the Daly's Seafin' Ship'N Shore leftover from the planting table.
I've spent several hours now sifting misc. boxes into the large sterilite tubs and the piles of loose stuff are diminishing. Here is how the garage looks at the end of day today.
We obviously still have a lot of work ahead of us. LOL


  1. That countertop looks gorgeous! Pretty nice for a garage!

    Just keep thinking of how good it will feel to have everything where you need it. ;0D

    1. That was actually a countertop from IKEA which was approximately the same price as a sheet of good plywood. LOL