Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Quilting Again, Finally

I actually went into my sewing room to straighten it up so I could make a birthday present for Jeff, but I saw these same damn squares sitting there....still. They've been there at least two years. (Nope, longer. Way longer. Since Dec 2015. And April 2016. LOL) I think much of my problem with this project was that I never had a plan. I just started making more squares, figuring I would come up with something when I got close to the end. Well, I never did.

I really tried to make them work for new curtains, but I wasn't happy with any of the block arrangements I could come up with. It didn't help that the two windows were different sizes.

So, finally, I just abandoned the idea of making curtains and I laid out the squares into a quilt and was pleased to realize I had enough to make a decent-sized quilt. It's at least twin size, not including the border. I ended up making 5 more blocks because I wanted to add another row. That task was a lot easier once I knew exactly when to stop.
I worked on sewing the quilt all day long. I have to say, it really sucks working with old squares and new squares because, of course, the old squares are a little stretched out from their prior use. And I'm really fussy about making seams match. Sometimes it felt almost like I was gathering. I'm hoping once I wash this quilt, some of the imperfections will go away.
So, my advice, don't do it. But, having gone this far, I was determined to get this project done. So I powered my way through to the end.  I finished assembling them at 11:30PM.

Anyway, the next day I further disassembled the roman shades to reuse the green fabric for a skinny border strip. (I didn't take an edge detail photo yet.)  And you would think I would just cut my losses and throw on a solid colored second border and call it done, but somehow I got it into my head that it would be nice to use up all the extra little bits lying around.

I don't know what I was doing. I just kept making those little half-triangle squares and I have a bunch of them leftover, so now I am trying to figure out a fancier border. So, this project continues....


  1. Beautiful! I admire your determination to finish the project!

    1. Thanks. I've relieved to finally get this project done (almost).

  2. Visually that is very very nice. I like.

  3. Looks lovely so far, despite the challenges. And as you've put in so much work already, why not make it spectacular with a pieced border? :) Good luck using up the extra bits.