Saturday, May 16, 2020

May Friday Night Sew In

For this week's Friday Night Sew In, I decided I wanted to finish the quilting project I worked on last Friday. I fuss a lot with corners so it took me most of Friday and several hours on Saturday to finish quilting and binding the six placemats. I didn't remember to preshrink the cotton batting so when I washed them to remove the small scraps of paper, it caused the slight wrinkling.
Once I finished the placemats I sewed together some of the scrap pile and made a mug rug. It's sort of a weird design, but I figured the leftover pieces would likely go to waste.


  1. Great placemats and good use of the scrap...

  2. The fussing was worth it - your placemats look great! Cute wee mug rug too.

    1. Thank you. I'm glad to check another project off my WOOFA list.

  3. I think the slightly crinkled look is what hand made is all about ...they are great designs
    PS love the post on your home renos too!