Monday, September 21, 2020

Garage Progress

I still have a couple of big piles that I'm trying to deal with but it's a struggle for me to just toss stuff when I no longer need it, so I end up with piles I need to rehome. I lost my nice clear panorama but this is where we're at.

This workbench is mostly covered with unsorted tools and hardware. I ordered hardware storage bins from Harbor Freight but they're backordered.
This is the last table of junk I am trying to deal with. Probably most will end up in the trash or charity pile.
I still have some empty spots on the wall, luckily.
I don't really want to fill it all up because we're planning to bring our stuff back from Prineville in a few weeks. (We're selling the house to the renters.) To be honest, that prompted the clean-up effort. We have a trailer-full of stuff in Prineville that we need to move back in. I think I did pretty well this summer sifting and downsizing.


  1. Replies
    1. Definitely. I'm really happy with the transformation out in the garage. I actually enjoy spending time out there now.