Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Paint Can Rack

As part of our garage reorganization, we decided to move the leftover cans of paint into the basement. The basement has more consistent temperatures year-round and I think the paint will survive storage better. 

This is another salvaged wood project made from old timbers leftover from when we tore down the old garage. The plywood is pressure treated and is leftover from when we built the shed. I designed the rack last year, and we cut out the wood, but then it just sat. We're finally working on it.

When we returned to the project earlier this week, we realized not all of the 2x6s were cut accurately and the pieces were too short, so we evened them up and did a bit of a redesign. I haven't updated the design in SketchUp and I probably won't bother.

We had already spent a while removing nails, but because we were going to route out dado joints, I took additional time to scan the old timbers with a metal scanner to locate any nails we may have missed. (As an aside, I am on my third Little Wizard II. They're great until you drop them, so if you buy one, don't drop it.) I marked any spots I found with a small piece of blue tape.
We finally got the table of junk cleared off!
We built a quick and disposable dado jig, as demonstrated in this YouTube video and we used a Top Bearing Flush Trim Router Bit. The jig made it a lot easier and the shelves fit nice and tight. I didn't manage to take any photos because I was right there with my shop vac hose sucking up sawdust as Jeff ran the router.
This is where we left it for the day. With the redesign, one of the shelves is now too short and we'll have to replace it. We are out of cheap plywood scraps, so we're going to have to go buy more to finish this project.
Also, we decided to install adjustable feet on the bottom so we'll have to wait for those too.

We've got a couple more projects planned before I return to my sewing room. We have one large piece of the pressure-treated plywood left and I'd like to build steps for the shed with it.
And I'd like to build a wheeled cart for the shop vac & dust collector. I've gotten a little obsessive about vacuuming up sawdust so it will be great to have the current setup be moved around more easily.


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    1. Thanks. I'm really impatient to finish this, but we really need to spend a bit of time on fall garden tasks. I'm anxiously waiting on my bulbs to show up.

  2. I wish I was better at working with wood! Did you take a class? I'd also like to learn to weld...

    1. I did take one class long ago, but we mostly are learning with Youtube videos and books.